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Alert Notification Service

ReadyAlert’s™ Alert Notification Services (RA-ANS) is a web-based emergency-alert notification service with real-time response confirmation that is used to send text messages to any number of individuals or groups of individuals. ReadyAlert’s™ patent-pending service provides real-time confirmation that the recipients of the text message have read and responded to the alert. The service can reach one person or thousands of people in minutes with one easy-to-send alert that is transmitted simultaneously to each recipient’s cell phone, pager, PDA, and all e-mail accounts.

The sender of the alert can see, in real-time, those individuals who have responded to the alert and those who have not been able to respond. This key feature provides management with an exception processing capability that speeds the decision-making needed to respond to any emergency situation. Each alert and response is date and time stamped, and an audit trail for each alert is archived for future reference.

With ReadyAlert™, the user is in complete control. The user can set up an unlimited number of groups and can send an unlimited number of alerts. The user controls contact data and what groups they want to belong to through ReadyAlert’s™ secure, SPAM-proof, closed network. ReadyAlert™ is a combination of low cost and ease of use, making it the preferred solution in the emergency-notification-and-response marketplace today.

Rapid Notification Service

In addition to ReadyAlert’s™ flagship two-way alert notification with confirmation service, ReadyAlert™ also offer a Rapid Notification Service (RA-RNS). This service allows organizations, both public and private, to send one-way notices to a specific group or groups in those situations where receipt confirmation is not required. The Rapid Notification Service employs the exact same secure and reliable technology platform as the flagship service.

Because the Rapid Notification Service does not require response tracking, report generation, or audit and archiving support, it can serve as a more economical alternative for those organizations with primarily one-way communications needs. Although RNS will not capture response confirmation, this service does record the actual “delivery” of the notice; and as a result, an optional delivery report can be provided.

Rapid Notification Service (Universities, Colleges and Schools) + (ANS)

ReadyAlert’s™ Rapid Notification Service (RA-RNS-IVR) + ANS Allows University, College students or Parents to register by calling a toll-free number on their cell phone. The person is then prompted to select the proper access code (which will be assigned to the University, College or School ). The University, College or School staff can now send out a ReadyAlert to the entire group of students or parents on their cell phone with one message. This usually includes members that donít belong to any groups or teams associated with the Alert Notification Service (ANS).

ANS (Alert Notification System) with RNS-IVR (Rapid Notification System - Interactive Voice Registration)

The University or College administrative staff will input the memberís information into a ReadyAlert provided File import spreadsheet, which will then be uploaded into the ReadyAlert System database. Information includes name, email address, cell phone, cell service provider, home phone, etc. This service is usually used for the administrative staff as well as special groups and teams. You can also use this for your vendors through an invite process, where they can pay for their own service. The ANS has a message confirmation feature, so you know the member(s) received the alert.

Parents and Interested Parties

A Link to ReadyAlert Services Registration page will be placed on the University, College or Schools Website. This will allow an individual to register for Alert Notifications from the University, College or School without any Staff registration time. The individual will enter their own Email and Cell phone contact information.