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Simple, Fast and Effective


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You are responsible for informing citizens when an emergency happens, and for coordinating response efforts. When voice channels are oversubscribed or not available, alternate means need to be in place. In such situations, informing citizens can be simple and quick. With ReadyAlert™, you select the ZIP codes you want to notify, type your message, and click send. Within seconds, ReadyAlert™ lights up all the pre-registered text contact devices for citizens in those ZIP codes.

Send follow-up alerts as many times as you want or send alerts to new groups without worrying about escalating costs. You can send unlimited alerts, and build unlimited groups for one monthly fee. Contact your citizens anywhere in the world. This is the power of ReadyAlert™. With ReadyAlert™, you are in control. We made ReadyAlert™ simple and quick so you can stay focused on serving your constituents.

Potential uses of ReadyAlert's™ services:

  • Keep board or council members updated on status of emergencies

  • Pre-plan internal and external response to potential emergencies

  • Coordinate inter-agency response to emergencies

  • Weather Related Events

  • Dispatch doctor and nurse teams to areas affected by wide scale emergency

  • Dispatch and coordinate forest fire suppression teams

  • Notify ground crews of approaching aircraft emergencies

  • Manage contract awards to pre-approved airport snow removal vendors

  • Keep on-call employees informed of work requirements


​Government Service Packages

Base Services:

  • (ANS) Alert Notification Service

Additional Features:

  • Back-up "e-mail only" feature

  • E-Mail and MMS attachments

  • Targeted Multi-Channel Device Communication

  • Qualified response with confirmation

  • Quick dispatch screen feature

  • Site branding

  • Text-to-Speech conversion (Voice Calls)

  • Record your own audio message (Voice Calls)

  • Language Translation

  • Scheduled Alerts

  • SMS Chats

  • Alert Escalations

  • User Suspension

  • Alert Report Message Threading

  • Dark Mode to reduce night time glare

  • Message Category Repository

  • Export Contact Info to Outlook or Excel

  • Facebook Notifications via WhatsApp or Messenger


  • Simplicity
    Send alerts in as little as 2 clicks and know your recipients received the message.
  • Robust Feature Set
    We provide our users with the most flexible, easy to use feature sets on the market today.
  • Cost Effective
    Sending alerts and maintaining your companies profile, users, etc... shouldn't break the bank. Call us today to find out more!


Making sure we meet our customers expectations is our goal

By providing and combination of excellent customer service and great support our team at ReadyAlert™ works hard to ensure our customers are satisfied.

  • Excellent customer support

  • Customer feedback found in most of our features

  • Quick Turn-Around

  • Easy to use

  • Fast, Convenient and Effective



I put ReadyAlert™ through three weeks of stringent testing before I recommended it to my Chief. It is the most bulletproof system I have seen.

- NASA Engineer \ Volunteer Fireman

I have been in the emergency provider business for 30 years; ReadyAlert™ is the best I have seen.

- County Emergency Team Leader

ReadyAlert™ is the most responsive company I have done business with. They listen and are customer focused.

- Law Enforcement Officer
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