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To talk to a community specialist now just dial 888.689.8939 today and find out how our Community Response Program can work in your community. CRP originated from the Neighbors Saving Neighbors program in The Villages, FL.


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"The Villages CPR/AED "Neighbors Saving Neighbors" program took a tremendous leap forward when we started using ReadyAlert. Our old alerting system was hit-and-miss and something that was wholly unacceptable when dealing with cardiac arrest. ReadyAlert has proven to be fast and effective. The neighborhood responders have been ecstatic with the change!"

Captain Gail J. Lazenby, M.S., EMT-P (RET)
EMS Training & Quality Assurance Officer
The Villages Public Safety Department

"I've seen ReadyAlert in action with three of our CPR/AED neighborhood programs in The Villages. The ReadyAlert system worked flawlessly and the response time was better than any other alerting program I've seen. ReadyAlert is definitely the way to go!"

John L. Geeslin, M.D. (Medical Director)

The Villages Public Safety Department

"Prior to meeting ReadyAlert, our "Neighbors Saving Neighbors" lay-person neighborhood CPR/AED program relied on old technology, alpha-numeric pagers. The pagers were activated by our local 911 Dispatch Center for sudden cardiac or respiratory arrest emergencies. We implemented ReadyAlert's system to notify responders via their home line, cell phone, and via text which saved between 20 seconds and 2 minutes in notification time after initiation by the 911 Dispatch Center. That time savings and the increased reliability can make the difference between a neighbor's life or death."

Lew Simon (Founder of Neighbors Saving Neighbors)

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