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Neighbors Saving Neighbors

What is the (NSN) Neighbors Saving Neighbors Program:

The Neighbors Saving Neighbors program is designed around community and the effort of the individuals in that community "your neighbors" to provide the necessary CPR / AED skills during a "Cardiac Arrest" event to save a life. In conjunction with a county's 911 dispatch center an housing community, apartments or condominiums... can benefit from this program by helping speed up the response time for a person who has a "Cardiac Arrest" event and receives the necessary CPR / AED process.

According to a Mayo Clinic study as well as a USA Today investigation; people who experience a cardiac arrest:

  • Have just 6 minutes to live...or die

  • A 1 minute decrease in call-to-shock time increases the odds of survival by 57%

  • A 3 minute reduction in call-to-shock time from 6 to 3 minutes increases survival rate by 4 times

How does the program work?

Generally, for every 125 residents, 10-15 people become trained as "responders". The more "responders" trained, the better your community will be able to handle cardiac arrest emergencies. This ratio typically provides one or more responders to be available at any given time. When a cardiac arrest occurs, the first thing to do is call 911. Once the call comes into the 911 operator, the operator will determine the nature of the emergency and dispatch the medics. At the same time, the 911 operator will view on their screen that the attack occurred in an "AED Community". The 911 operator would immediately send an alert to all community responders via ReadyAlert(TM) AED. One or more responders would go immediately to the victim to begin administering CPR. Other responders would go to the location(s) where the AED units are located and take them to the emergency site.

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